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Sometimes the problem on a vehicle is big, sometimes the problem is small and can be solved quickly. If you have this Android/iPhone/macOS application with you, on your phone or your laptop, you will always know how serious your problem is. You do not need internet connection to use/enjoy the App.

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What is MAN fault codes list?

Every problem on MAN vehicles is diagnosed on the instrument panel using a lamp and a code. A warning light indicates a group of errors, while a fault code gives the correct meaning (description?) of the problem. The MAN fault codes list is a collection of all data with the exact description of each individual fault code. When you know the meaning of a MAN fault code you can quickly diagnose every truck or bus malfunction.

You are the master of the road! - MAN errors

You are the master of the road! - MAN errors The best-selling mobile application for MAN trucks and buses (including Neoplan) on a mobile phone including all fault codes, definitions and abbreviations. Type fault code in app search bar FFR 00647 and find a problem or example: EDC 03779-01, search 03779 or EDC 03779 (-01 additional tag, meaning you have in the app): Rail pressure: High leakage due to quantity compensation. Enter in the search box: FFR - Vehicle management computer.

All fault codes in one app

All fault codes in one app Extremely easy to use. You simply type the code error into the search box and you immediately get the meaning/description. Example: If your MAN truck display error EDC 04591, enter in app 04591.

No need partial PDF lists

No need partial PDF lists There are a lot of partial, incomplete and unstructured PDF lists on the internet. After you install this app, you can use it everywhere without an Internet connection.

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How to diagnose a MAN truck error code?

After installing the MAN truck and bus fault code application, tap FIND on top of the screen and enter fault codes. The application will instantly give you the list of fault codes and their description. After that you will be able to start troubleshooting. After eliminating the fault in the truck diagnostics, clear the errors. If you have eliminated the fault, the error will no longer appear on the display. (Some errors require computer re-boot, contact service)

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EDC, EBS, FFR, ZBR and all other fault codes on mobile app

The MAN Truck Code Errors, Fault Codes mobile app is a reliable and secure platform for every driver / owner of MAN truck that has a digital instrument panel. When you get an error code appears on your truck dashboard (MAN TGA, TGX, TGM, TGL, TGS), with this app you will immediately be able to: find out what the code error means and learn all about the potential defect. This app can help you find the error description and solve some defects by yourself or help you choose continue driving without risk until the first service or destination. Example FFR diagnostic: FFR 00647 - Fan clutch (You must replace fan clutch or maybe broken wire of the solenoid for power take off).

20.000+ error codes

20.000+ error codes

Over 20.000 MAN fault codes with exact definition of problems.

Customer Support

Customer Support

If your error code is not in our database, you can message to us and we will find a solution for you.

Dynamic Development

Dynamic Development

MAN Error Code application is automatically updated with new codes and user input.

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